Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Gagnon Has Arms

Phill and I attended our 2nd sonogram this last Tuesday. During this appointment we saw the growth that we were praying for: the baby had doubled in size, it's little heart is beating stronger (166 beats a minute) and it now has a set of arms. Due to the wonderful results that we saw during the second sonogram, my fertility doctor has released me to my regular OB for the rest of this journey. With that being said, I anticipate that we will not have as many pictures of Baby Gagnon to share with everyone. It was bitter-sweet change, I am thrilled that I am no longer considered a high rise pregnancy but I am a little sad that my next sonogram will not be until 14 weeks. It was nice getting to see Baby Gagnon every few weeks.

I will keep everyone posted with any other updates. For now, I am just thrilled that the baby has a set of arms.

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