Tuesday, November 16, 2010

27 Weeks

We are 27 weeks and growing (both of us)! Below are a few interesting updates that we thought you might enjoy:

Battle of the belly: the other night I was on the sofa resting after work. I had put a blanket over my belly and within moments my cat was on my lap making "kitty muffins" (kitty muffins is defined as the action of when a cat rhythmically moves both front paws in a trance like fashion). Well, Dexter was making his kitty muffins and it was directly on my belly. Within a few seconds of the making of the muffins, Christian started fighting for his territory. As Dexter would push his paw into my stomach, Christian would kick him from inside. Needless to say, Christian won this battle. The cat was totally freaked out by the whole event and quickly lost interest. This was the first time that I have felt Christian be responsive to something happening outside of my stomach.

Recent Doctors Appointment: We were informed during our last OB appointment that our little Christian was already measuring to be a very long baby. I guess it should be no surprise that two very tall parents should have a tall baby.

We currently have 12 weeks left until we meet our little buddy. We plan to keep you posted with any updates or good pictures.


  1. You look adorable! I can't wait for more pictures... not much longer and Christian will be HERE! Yahooiee!!! Hope you're well. :)

  2. Beth, tu es superbe!!! Happy Thankgiving