Thursday, June 17, 2010

A call from the nurse

As most of you know, I have not been having may pregnancy symptoms since we found out that we were pregnant. This was really starting to concern me because I was just having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that my body just enjoys being pregnant. So, yesterday, I called my doctors office and asked that they put a worried mind to rest by taking my blood. They got me into the office bright and early this morning to take my blood. We were hoping for 10,000 HCG (pregnancy hormone level). I just received a call from the nurse with an update regarding my levels.... I was at 32,000. Her words were "you are very pregnant". So, my update for today is this, I am very pregnant! We will get our scan next week and I am sure that we will post updates as soon as we are done. During this meeting, we will look for a heartbeat (or heartbeats). I look forward to posting again really soon.

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  1. Great news Beth! Can't wait to hear how many "s" are after the heartbeat!!! :-) HG