Saturday, June 19, 2010

You get what you wish for...

Well, well, I get what I wish for. Man, oh man, I am not feeling well. During week 4 and week 5, I know a few of you were asking me how I was feeling and my response was always "I wish I was feeling something. I just feel so normal". I think I even started to worry that maybe I wasn’t really pregnant. Well, about an hour after getting the results from my bloodwork work on Thursday, I noticed a major change. I noticed that all the sweet smells around me started making my stomach turn sour. Hearing people talk about what they were going to have for lunch would make my mouth water and my tongue feel fat. Needless to say, I have been having some of the mean & ugly nausea ever since. I wake up... feel sick. Get to work… feel sick. Leave work... feel sick. Go to bed... feel sick. The rocket scientist that decided to term this feeling as ‘morning sickness’ must have miscalculated a few hours from the duration of time that a woman feels sick during the day.

That is my update for today. I am happy that I feel pregnant but a little sad that I can’t eat.

The picture above explains a little of how I am feeling... I feel green.

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  1. Oh- So glad that you're feeling pregnant! Hahah Relief! I hadn't been checking in, so I'm just glad that you're experiencing pregnancy in all it's glory. :) Now- get fat and we can take photos. ...