Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Christian

With our due date having come and gone, Phillip and I now get to attend regular ultrasound appointments. The video above is compliments of todays visit. Christian came back with all A+ scores for his fluid, heart rate, practice breathing, size and placement. He seems to be doing just fine and will be joining us here soon.

The current plan is to induce on Friday at 3a (41 weeks) if he does not join us on his own. This will have given him an extra week but will keep him from growing too big to be able to birth naturally (as he is already measuring at 8 to 9 pounds). With the being said, Phillip and I will be proud parents by end of day Friday. My doctor today seems to think that he will join us on his own, as his words were "I am not really sure what is holding this kid in there". I am currently 3 cm dilated and he is placed very low.

With the respect to the video, you are looking at his head and the movement that you see later in the video is his arm/hand moving by his mouth. Pretty good looking kid... if I do say so myself.

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