Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here is my 38 week picture update. My sister and I went to a Farmers Market on Saturday to keep me walking around and on my feet. Phill and I are both ready to meet Christian, so I am going to be walking a few miles everyday to try to help him transition into labor.

With all of that being said, I should share that at my last doctors appointment that my doctor informed me that we were still at the exact same place that we had been the week prior - 1 cm dilated and he was still positioned high in my belly. The words that I did not want to hear were finally mentioned... if Christian does not join us by his due date (2.11), we will induce on 2.12. I asked that we hold off on that conversation until next week to see if I had progressed at all before booking plans.

Finally, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to be on our text list for when we go to the hospital. Phill plans to Twitter and also Facebook an update but we are also happy to include you in our text update if you would prefer that method of communication. Just send me an update or post a comment on this update and we will add you on.

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope the next update I share is a picture of baby Christian.


  1. I want a text since I dont think PG is my friend on FB! 407-493-9729

    I don't want them to induce you either. Wow - they are really doing that a lot these days. I think they made my appt to be induced one week after the due date but Dylan came a day before.

    Much love to you!
    Anne and Will

  2. Hi Katten! Please keep me posted if you can. I know you will be busy ;)

  3. Well seth was one month late to the day and Ad was 2 months to the day plus 2. You talk about being ready! I think if I had any idea how hard all this stuff is I might not have wanted out either. My doc was the same one who delieved me. And I fussed at him for letting my go so long, He said he'll come when his ready. And he did. My water broke and he was out between the car and front door of Holy Cross. Thank God Ed was a good caughter.

    Take it easy and enjoy all this time, he will be worth the wait.

    love ak

  4. Dear Beth,
    I hope you don't have to be induced,don't let the Doctor convince you into inducing, I'm glad to hear you told him to wait until next week before any plans are made. :)
    I would love to get a text on updates or baby news! Can't wait to see a picture of Christian. Hope you are feeling good considering you are so close to your due date. Love, Karen Hafid
    xoxo my cell is 407-484-3224